New Truck/Oasis Big Rigs New Truck/Oasis Big Rigs Greensboro Shrine Club 2013 Oasis Potentate Dustin Edmondson Sponsor a Love to the Rescue Big Rig Trailer 174282390 Oasis Big Rig members & Caslin Chuck Hoffman & Jim Limkey present Caslin a repleaca of the Big Rig with her picture that will now be traveling the Hwy. 156993269 From the rear view We have addd the Shriners Hospital for Children Map, the Walking Tall and web site address for the Hospital & 156993270 Side of Caslin's new truck 156993271 Side Close Up Caslin's mother sold hot dogs at lunch time for 8 months to help pay for this truck with our/her Hospital ambassador picture on the side. Thanks Mom. 156993272 More side view 156993273 moving out 156993274 Close up of side 156993275